Sell Food or Souvenirs

Congratulations on your initiative in providing for visitors to our town! You’re a crucial part of making sure that they have a great time and take home good memories, and maybe a permanent keepsake.

Dubois is offering two locations for vendors on Eclipse Weekend, outdoors in the Town Park and inside the Headwaters. Click here for more information about vendor opportunities in the recreation area at the center of Dubois.

For a complete checklist of matters to consider when selling items to eclipse visitors, contact Sarah Hamlin at the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (307-851-2029 or

To sell food:

First, you’ll need the right permits. For a Wyoming Department of Agriculture food service license, contact Abbey Davidson at 307-332-0275 or A license for a temporary food stand will be granted for a fee of $25.00 if all requirements are met. (Here’s a link to the Department of Agriculture’s Temporary Establishment Requirements.)

Also, you need to get an Itinerant Merchant license from the town (click on that link for further information), unless you are:

  • a merchant already doing business in Dubois
  • a farmer or agriculture producer
  • a wholesaler
  • a nonprofit organization
  • providing goods or services sanctioned or sponsored by a government entity

To sell alcohol:

A catering permit authorizing the sale of alcoholic and malt beverages may be issued by the Town Council upon application and a fee of $10.00 to any person holding a retail liquor license, authorizing the off premises sale of both alcoholic and malt beverages, for sales at meetings, conventions, private parties and dinners or at similar gatherings.

A malt beverage permit authorizing the sale of malt beverages only may be issued by the Town Council upon application and a fee of $10.00 to any responsible person or organization for sales at a picnic, bazaar, fair, rodeo, special holiday or similar public gathering. If the applicant is an organization, the application must be accompanied by a resolution of the organization authorizing a representative to sign on their behalf.

(Also be aware that town ordinances require anyone selling beverages under these permits to insure that the premises are maintained “in a decent and orderly manner” and that all patrons act within the law and do not cause “disturbances, riots, or fights.” In the event of such troubles, the Town authorizes law enforcement officers to intervene, suspend the licenses, and remove the alcoholic beverages.)

To sell souvenirs:

“Eclipse souvenirs, especially those distinctively representing Wind River Country, will be in demand,” says eclipse expert Jon Roche in a report to the Wind River Visitors Council (WRVC). Here in Dubois, souvenirs that mention our town also offer an opportunity to spread interest in our hidden gem of a travel destination.

Are you one of our many gifted artists and photographers? The WRVC suggests crafting and selling unique art and imagery that ties in with the eclipse motif.

Vendors can also offer stock or custom eclipse souvenirs and memorabilia that have both eclipse branding and their own business brand.

Not especially artistic or crafty yourself? Here are a few suppliers of custom products:

Shirts & More:

Stitches Embroidery Inc.:


Name Drops (Souvenirs That Sell):

The special glasses required to view the eclipse safely will be in special demand. You can buy these and perhaps add your organization’s or business’ logo. For further information, contact Rainbow Symphony (818-708-8400) or American Paper Optics (800-767-8427).