Rent Lodgings or Campsites

Most of the motels and guest ranches around Dubois are already fully booked at the time of the eclipse, so there is a strong demand for places to stay. If you plan to offer housing or campsites during the time around the 2017 eclipse, here are some matters to consider:

  • You’ll need to collect and remit lodging tax. Please don’t try to avoid this! All lodging tax proceeds return to the town of Dubois as funds for promoting the area to future visitors.
  • Whether you want to rent an entire home or just a bedroom, we recommend that you use Airbnb, which allows short-term rentals and also automatically takes care of your tax obligations. Another option is VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner).
  • If you’re using an online renting platform such as Airbnb, familiarize yourself with their requirements and services.
  • Consider partnering with an existing caterer or food provider in town.
  • Contact your insurance agent to be sure you’re properly covered.
  • Consider how you should address any safety concerns.
  • Make a plan for waste and trash disposal.
  • File with the state for a temporary business operations form. (Click on the link or contact Kim Lovett of the Wyoming Department of Revenue at 307-777-5220 or 307-777-3724.)
  • You may contact the Chamber of Commerce or Town Hall if you need assistance publicizing your lodging rental.