Event Information Form

Filling out this form in no way releases you from your responsibility to obtain appropriate licenses from the Town of Dubois necessary for conducting business within the town limits. Please contact Town Hall if you would like more information (307-455-2586).

Additional Information:
Food Vendors must have a valid Wyoming Department of Agriculture food service permit and town Itinerate Merchant License.
Alcohol Sales
Catering Permit – A catering permit authorizing the sale of alcoholic and malt beverages may be issued by the Town Council upon application and a fee of $10.00, to any person holding a retail liquor license, authorizing the off premises sale of both alcoholic and malt beverages, for sales at meetings, conventions, private parties and dinners or at similar gatherings.
Malt Beverages Permit – A malt beverage permit authorizing the sale of malt beverages only may be issued by the Town Council upon application and a fee of $10.00, to any responsible person or organization for sales at a picnic, bazaar, fair, rodeo, special holiday or similar public gathering. If the applicant is an organization, the application must be accompanied by a resolution of the organization authorizing a representative to sign on their behalf.
Restrictions on Permits – The applicant for Malt Beverage and Catering Permits shall insure that the premises are maintained in a decent and orderly manner, and shall insure that all patrons or guests act within the law and not cause disturbances, riots or fights. Should the event become disorderly, law enforcement officers may suspend the Malt Beverage or Catering Permit. In such case, the applicant shall cause any patrons or guests to disperse and shall remove any malt beverages or alcoholic beverages from the premises and cease dispensing the same.

Itinerate merchant licenses must be obtained by any enterprise who do not currently own and operate a business in Dubois, Wyoming.

Exemptions from Itinerate Merchant License:
• Merchants already doing business in Dubois
• Farmers and agriculture producers
• Wholesalers
• Non-profit organizations
• Goods or services sanctioned or sponsored by a government entity.

Special Events Insurance:

The event sponsor is required to provide event insurance and submit to Town Hall if the event is on Town property.
View your current insurance plan to make sure you are covered for any additional events.
Event Sponsors may contact Tegeler & Associates at (307) 455-2283 for questions or to purchase event liability insurance. Event liability insurance is designed to protect the policyholder against lawsuits, claims made related to bodily injury of others, and property damage to the premise.