Eclipse Week FAQ

Q. Can family members park their camper at the home of a relative who lives in Dubois?

A. There is currently no ordinance prohibiting overnight stays on private property with the consent of the owner or lessee, so long as the camping does not cause a safety or health hazard or a nuisance. NO overnight stays are allowed on public streets and/or right-of-ways

Q. Are motel/hotel rooms or camp sites available in town?

There are still lodging facilities and camp sites that have spaces available. The Wind River Visitors Council has listed lodging opportunities on the Wind River Eclipse website at

Q. Is camping allowed on Town Property?

Authorized dry camping on the Town’s former Sawmill Site is available on a first-come-first-served basis for a flat fee of $200 for 3 nights, which includes arrival on or after Saturday, August 19th and departure on Tuesday, August 22nd by 3:00 PM. For further information or reservations click on the link above or send an email to:

Q. Are public restrooms available?

Public restrooms are available at 29 North First Street or at the Dubois Town Park, 2 Big Horn Lane. Portable toilets will be placed strategically throughout the Town to accommodate visitors. Our Town staff and residents take pride in our community. Please help by using the available facilities.

Q. Is there a possibility that Dubois could run out of some commodities like gas and water bottles?

Wherever an event of this magnitude occurs and population increases there is always a possibility of running out of some things. All businesses have been asked to stock up. Here’s what you can do to avoid crowds and be more prepared:

Get your grocery shopping done a week prior
Make sure you have your prescriptions and medical supplies in advance
Have extra drinking water on hand; conserve water by not watering yards
Ensure your gas tanks are filled
Have cash on hand to avoid empty ATMs

Q. What should I know to take care of myself and my family?

Your health:  Dubois is located at a very high altitude and altitude sickness is real. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. If you feel light-headed, stop what you are doing and rest. The sun is fierce, so be sure to wear sunblock or high-SPF sunscreen, a long-sleeved shirt and a hat, and carry plenty of water.

How to avoid bear encounters:  Our wilderness is home to all sorts of wildlife, including bears. Take appropriate bear-safety steps:

Stay with a partner and stay within sight of each other.
Remain alert and watchful for bear activity.
Learn to recognize bear sign such as scat, tracks, and diggings.
Know where seasonal food sources are present and avoid those areas.
Be aware that the presence of ravens and other scavengers is a good indication of a carcass nearby and that a bear may be in the area.
Carry a defense readily accessible. The knowledge of how to use your defense should be automatic.
Follow food storage regulations.


Be sure of your rights: Western land-owners take trespassing very seriously and it is not safe to assume that open land is public land or that an open gate is an invitation. Be sure you know you’re allowed to go where you’re going.

Q. Will the Internet and cell phones shut down?

911 calls will have priority and resources will be strained statewide. If you can get through to 911, you may be connected to someone far away. Start by giving the operator your location. As experienced during the forest fire of 2016 with the presence of over 1,000 fire fighters, the cell coverage was slow and/or unavailable. Providers are trying to boost services.

Access ATMs prior to the event to avoid slow or nonexistent Internet services.
Use cash for transactions and purchases.
Avoid live-streaming and minimize social media during the event.
Use your phone and Internet only for urgent communications and emergencies.

Q. Where can I park?

Parking downtown is free. There will be a shuttle service from the downtown area to the Overlook. Click here for a map of the town.

Q.  Where can I dispose of solid waste?

The Town of Dubois and Wyoming Waste Management have placed extra waste containers and pet waste stations throughout the Town. Please pick up after yourself and your pets and make sure trash is in the proper receptacles.

Q.  Where can I get medical care?

First aid stations affiliated with the two medical clinics will be available at the Headwaters Center and in the Town Park during eclipse weekend.

Dubois Medical Clinic
5647 US Highway 26 (east of town, toward Lander/Riverton, next to rodeo grounds)

Mountain Sage Holistic Clinic
1428 Warm Springs Drive (west of town, toward Jackson, behind Taylor Creek Exxon)
(Staffed by nurse practitioner Tracy Baum. Open all hours for emergencies during eclipse week.)

Q.  Will there be access to the Overlook Property?

Yes, the drive to the Overlook will remain open during Eclipse week. But be forewarned:

McKinley Drive to the Overlook Property is a arrow steep road. Drive very carefully and travel at your own risk.

No towed or oversized vehicles are allowed. Violators will be fined.

The Overlook is a large open area. There will be no seating available. Take your own chair. Once on top, plan to stay until the eclipse is over. Two-way traffic is very difficult. Be sure to take plenty of water and snacks. Take all garbage with you when you leave. Wear sunblock or high-SPF sunscreen, a long-sleeved shirt and a hat, and wear your eclipse glasses.

For further information call Town Hall at 307-455-2345.