Dubois WY might be the best place on earth …

… to witness the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 (and enjoy the days before and after). Our elevation, clear air, and spectacular views are making Dubois a magnet for well-informed eclipse-watchers.


From NASA. The eclipse is longest on the red line.

We’re expecting hundreds or maybe even thousands of visitors at the time of the eclipse in our tiny town, so it’s important to keep informed about what’s happening, what’s possible, where to go and what to do if you need help. This is the place to go for information.

Dubois is (usually) a very small town of only 1,000 year-round inhabitants. But we’ve done our very best (and that’s a great deal!) to make this the weekend of a lifetime for ourselves and all our visitors.

You’ll find answers to some of your basic questions on the Eclipse Week FAQ page.

downtown032016To assure yourself an enjoyable Eclipse week, please remember some of our basic principles for the good life, Dubois style:

  • Be courteous. The other person has as much right as you do to take up that space and breathe this clear air.
  • Take it easy. You can get at least as much accomplished in a slow Dubois minute as in a fast New York minute.
  • Don’t trespass. An open gate is not an invitation. Having access to so much open public space, we take others’ private property seriously around here.
  • Give wildlife its space. Most of our animal neighbors can insist on their rights. Getting too close can be dangerous for you, and possibly also for the animal. Look all you can, but don’t approach. And certainly don’t touch.
  • Keep it clean. We are proud of our historic town and our traditional welcome to visitors. There are trash receptacles in most locations, and we will work as hard as we can to keep Dubois beautiful this weekend. Please help by putting your waste in a receptacle or taking it away.

Also please keep in mind that, as a small town in the West, we close up shop early. Although we’ve worked hard to make sure that you’ll have ample dining options throughout town, most food services will not be available after about 8:00 PM.

For answers to your other questions, please click on one of the tabs above. Have a great time!